NC DMV Registration, Plates, Records, & Taxes


This is a range of projects that were based in redesign work starting around August 2003 for the external NCDOT and DMV websites.

I was the lead front-end dev and info-architect for Registration Renewal, Driving Records, and the Special Plates applications. In addition, for Registration Renewal and Driving Records, I was the lead designer.

All of the projects were aimed at revitalizing the existing NC DMV site and related applications using newer designs, updated architecture, and usability for the citizens of North Carolina. As an added bonus, at the time, the layouts were part of a mobile first implementation.

Most of these projects were retired, or replaced, around late 2018, some in favor of portal and/or outsourced solutions.

Role & Contribution

  • Design Lead
  • Information Architecture
  • Lead frontend-developer
  • Wireframing & Storyboards
  • Font Creation
  • HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery, JSON)
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework